social media marketing and advertising 

If your practice is not already on all social media platforms and posting daily, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Posting on social media is a proven way to gain new clients in your practice, however, it is not the most effective way.

Social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are EXTREMELY effective. Facebook allows you to directly target your ideal audience, which no other form of advertising system can do.

For example, lets say you're a pediatrician, and your ideal client was a infant child. We can market directly to a pregnant mother, who does not attend a pediatrician. No other form of marketing allows you to advertise with accuracy and precision like Facebook. 

Now, lets also suppose the potential client was interested at the time, but they didn't book an appointment. By installing simple software into your website (which we can build), we can market directly back to all of those you have already visited your website. 

If that wasn't enough, running advertisements like this are much cheaper than any other form of marketing because you only pay for those who take interest into the ad. 

Advertising on Facebook is a guaranteed way to gain new clients.

Email marketing 

Regardless of the industry, email marketing can be the lifeblood of any business. The ability to inform thousands of local people about your practice is an unbeatable strategy.

Engaging people weekly by bringing some sort of value allows your practice to stay in the consumers mind. And if you can be the first practice in the consumers mind you will have a line out the door, because every time they hear "I want plastic surgery" or "I need a new doctor" your practice is the first to call. 

After reading that I hope you can perceive the value of email marketing, if you can't I would love to explain in person, because it is complex. 

The next question then becomes, "How do we get an email list of potential clients?" 

Well, there are multiple ways to grow a large email list. 

1. Use the emails you already have from all you past clients 

2. Social media... Suppose you have 1,000 followers on your businesses and 2,000 likes on Facebook you: If you posted "Learn how to lose five pounds in 2 months," you can expect a minimum of a few hundred people to join the list. Whether they attend your office or not, you now have their email and can directly connect with them. 

3. Contests and giveaways. Suppose you posted on your social media "WIN A FREE FLU SHOTS FOR LIFE" or "WIN A FREE COSMETIC SURGERY" we can expect hundreds of people to enter, along with that, we will advertise the post and get a few hundred more to enter. 

Those are just a few simple ways that we could grow your email list; however, there are hundreds of other ways, but I'll save your eyes from reading all of them. 

GOogle ad words (google ppc) 

Google is not a multi-billion dollar business because they know when the civil war was, they're a billion-dollar business because they've made more businesses money than any other business in the world.

They are not a search engine business, they are an advertising business.

Google Pay Per Click is a form of advertising that allows you to pay for your website to be clicked on by people searching for your services. 

Not all businesses are ideal for Google PPC, but for some businesses it is the lifeblood.

Dental and ortho practices usually tend to have success with it because a lot of people google things like, "Local pain doctor" or "where can I get new doctor." 

Google PPC allows you to be first website at the top of the page for a fee.

Google PPC is ideal for business because the advertiser only pays when their is a click to the website. 

SMS (text message) marketing 

Most all practices use text messaging to inform their patients about the appointment they've scheduled (which we can do). But a small fraction of practices use SMS to market their product or services. 

Successful practices SMS market as follows: 

They will ask the patient if it is okay to text them about their appointment, then they will follow up in a text by asking, "Would you like to hear tips weekly about how to improve your health?", or "Would you like to hear about our back pain services?" 

For each practice the messages will differ, but this is an amazing way to ensure a direct message to a patient or potential patient. 

Now there are a million different ways we can market your business online, but i'd rather talk about that in person or over the phone. 

If you want to grow your business, lets get on the phone call.